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Programming Erlang 2'nd edition

I'm pleased to announce the 2'nd edition of Programming Erlang has been handed over to Pragmatic Press for the final stages of copy editing.

I have been working on this for over a year and it's finally over.

The book should be available to buy as a PDF around the 10 April from the Pragmatic Web site.

The book will come out as a “beta” - this means it comes out when it is almost ready. All the chapters are not yet written, but enough to warrant publishing.

After it comes out as a beta, you can read it, report bugs and suggest and request changes and this process will continue for a few months until we freeze the text and print paper copies of the book.

The 2'nd edition has several totally new chapters, and all the text has been revised.

What's new in the 2'nd edition

  • Exercises after virtually all chapters
  • New chapter on websockets
  • New chapter with description of maps
  • New chapter on types and the Dialyzer
  • Very much rewritten chapter on handling errors in concurrent programs
  • New chapter with programming idioms
  • New chapter on rebar, sharing code via github and cowboy
  • New chapter with a simple execution environment - a minimal (7 module) Erlang system
  • I've also removed the appendices with man pages in them, and moved some material off-book into on-line version on github. This is for things that change more rapidly than the printed version of the book can keep up with.