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Really bad websites

I'm hoping somebody can help me here.

A year of so ago I stumbled upon a *really bad* website -- it was stunningly bad. Unfortunately I lost the link. I also lost a link to what was a pretty good MS-DOS style interface.

And I'd Forgotten about the <marquee> tag

And tragically the tag doesn't work any more...

Added note: Within a couple of hours of publishing this artice Roger Lipscombe added this link in the comments -- this is the site I was thinking about. Thanks Roger.

So what's on a really bad website?

  • It's pre CSS - with hand-written HTML
  • It has totally crap layout
  • It has rotating scrolling banners
  • The background color clashes with the text colors making the text unreadable
  • It has a this this site is being constructed icon shown a man digging
  • It plays midi bagpipe music when you visit the page (there was a Hotel on Loch Ness - that played bagpipe music and had bagpipers waving at you) - I shall have to find this in the web archive.
  • The entire page was a few KBytes
  • It was written by amateurs
  • Now unfortunately these works of art have vanished from the net.

    Now all I see are boring websites made with Twitter Bootstrap and with 200 KB of JavaScript that tracks you

    Please help me find these old sites and post links in the comments.

    Once I've found suitable horrible examples I'll try and remake my blog to make it visually more attractive.

    Are then any CSS frameworks that help you make truly horrible websites?

    Added notes will transform any site into a slighly less readable version. Here is this article transformed

    Example Sites